Eén gedachte over “Welkom op de blog van Silenroc Installaties”

  1. Welkom op de blog van Silenroc Installaties.
    Intentie is om op deze site kennis en/of vragen uit te wisselen naar andere gebruikers.
    Vragen over binnenhuis installaties van bedrade verbindingen tot draadloze routers en bereikbaarheid van de draadloze verbindingen te verbeteren of uit te breiden.

    Welcome to the blog. We ask guests to respond only to the posts of the right category. The intention is to help each other but also as administrator I will raise or post issues to give users help or advice for situations, problems or just questions that can not be clarified. Game rule is correct to respond, wrong or inappropriate comments are removed by the administrator. Wrong category chosen? In that case, the manager will, if noted, move them or, in case of misplacement, keep the right to delete.

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